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December 19, 2023

Twas the week before Christmas, and me, being a Jew...

I was keeping my head down, because these days, that’s what we do. 

Every morning, the news, is just too much to bear. 

A Jew beaten here. A swastika painted there. 

But it’s Christmas now, this is no time for hate. 

Keep the menorah in the kitchen, just to be safe. 


Perhaps if we put a wreath on the door? 

They won’t know that we’re Jews and our home, they’ll ignore. 

It’s a bummer to be hated. Especially this time of year. 

In your season of joy, I live in fear. 

Let’s put up a few lights so we don’t stand out. 

A dark house at Christmas is a sure sign there are Jews about. 


It’s not like this is new. We’ve been here before. 

But this time feels different because Israel is at war. 

Both sides should be heard. I believe that to be fair. 

But these people who defend murderers… I wonder why they suddenly care. 

Palestinians have been suffering for as long as I can remember. 

And all of the sudden their plight is attracting so many defenders? 

Israel was attacked by a terrorist organization. 

Why are Jews defending themselves seen as such a revelation? 


Authoritarianism has made its way back on the scene. 

We’ve got fascists and criminals planning a genocidal regime. 

It’s rearing its head and spewing its lies. 

History repeating itself right here in America. I can’t believe my own eyes. 


But hey, it’s Christmas, let’s try and be cheery. 

There’s still joy to be had, not everything is dreary. 

My children are safe- for the moment- and for that I am grateful. 

Happy Christmas to all. Please do your part to make the world less hateful. 

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