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It's a balancing act.

They want you to be fiercely passionate about the work.

But for Heaven’s sake, don’t be difficult about it.

They want you to defend your ideas and fight to see them through.

But you upset Leslie, so we need to have a talk with HR.

They want you to dedicate yourself to this amazing group of people we have.

But when lay-offs happen know that this was an incredibly difficult decision.

They want you to be fearless, never satisfied and always searching for new territories.

But we need you to embrace our culture and participate in a team building exercise.

They want you to do work that’s disruptive, memorable and grabs people’s attention.

But Andrew gets nervous if the ideas are polarizing so stay away from anything negative.

They want you to see every touchpoint as an opportunity for the brand to delight and amaze.

But don’t overthink this one we’ve already burned too many hours.

They want you to begin each day with a positivity quote and share a personal highlight.

But you’re a super deep critical thinker who believes positivity quotes are emotionally dishonest and your most recent personal highlight involved your wife and some edibles.

They want you to see this as a place where you can picture yourself being for a long, long time.

But ageism is so rampant in advertising that in 25 years I’ve only witnessed two retirements.

They want you to love it here. We’re a family.

But you have a real family who loves you much more and will never fire you.

They want you to give them everything you’ve got and they want to give you back as little as humanly possible. Because this is a fucking business and you need to stop taking things so God damned personally.

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